Dining out at Restaurant


Vegan/Sibo edition

So I must admit I don’t cook every evening, nor do I even know anyone that does. It’s time consuming, and it has to be done at home, which is a place I hardly ever am. I spend most of my time at work, school, or various other places and find myself needing to eat out every once in a while, usually just for dinner.

So where do I eat? What can I eat with so many intolerances?

1. Sushi. I eat sushi twice a week for dinner. I have been eating it since I was small, and although it isn’t vegan (there are often fish in some of the rolls) I never feel sick after eating it. I tend to get spicy salmon sashimi, Alaska rolls ( raw salmon with avocado and a salad dressing topping) California rolls, yam rolls, honestly I’m pretty wide open as long as it has minimal to no sauces with mayonnaise added, which a lot of the good ones do (like this one in the image). I just can’t get enough of sushi and I never get sick from it. It’s my go to. If you live in the Vancouver area, Sushi California is by far my favorite place, they have one in Burnaby, and Mount Pleasant area.

2. Vegan Restaurants. I am lucky, Vancouver is a fairly enlightened modern city and there ae a fair share of these kind of choices around. I love the NAAM in Kitsalano and Meet on Main. The dragon bowls at Meet and the rice bowls at the NAAM will just blow your socks off. They are chalk full of delicious veggies, tofu’s and the best? Vegan gravy’s. Miso gravy from the NAAM can be bought at whole foods and save on foods, and it is heaven on earth. Meet on main has a cashew gravy that I swear is better than the regular kind you get at thanksgiving.

3. Greek food. This isn’t easy for me to do but I do eat it out sometimes. I am of Greek heritage and can’t help but love it. I often order a prawn souvlaki with no rice, one potato and extra salad hold the cheese. This is a delicious alternative and the lack of gluten and sauces makes this meal doable. Not often though.

4. Brown’s Social House. There is a dish called the Tahitian Tuna spa bowl, which is a delicious salad with dates, nuts and corn, pickled beets and goats cheese and ahi seared tuna. I order this dish my all the sauces on the side as they come with wasabi mayonnaise and salad dressing, and just eat them basically plain. It’s honestly one of my all time favorite eats ever.


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Snacking: friend or enemy?

Snacking, the enemy or the friend?

It’s hard to say really, because yes snacking in inherently done between meals, and often distractedly. I don’t know though I’ve always been a snacker of sorts. The idea of just hunkering down every few hours and eating seems I don’t know…methodical to me. Robot like. I want to eat for the joy of eating.


I know there’s a lot of research totally disagreeing with this perspective, showing how snacking can consistently add unwanted pounds and cause over consumption without realizing it, However, in my current health position I feel it necessary to snack. Often.


In the spirit of both truthfully tracking my eating habits with Sibo and Celiac’s disease, I’m going to list the items I snack on daily. Sometimes I snack a little. Sometimes a lot, honestly it depends on my break schedule, the size of my breakfast, or just my energy levels:

Cashews: all day long. This is by far my favorite nut, and I know they are pricey (especially the organic kind which I tend to buy). I love these nuts, they are so good for you, packed with magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, I could go on! And they are just flat out tasty and pretty low GI. I tend to eat no more than a handful because they are pretty high in fat, but they are also a good kind of fat with Omega 3 fatty acids so I can’t feel too bad right?


Dates: basically heaven. I eat only about 3-4 a day because again these little suckers are packed with carbohydrates. Hence weight gain. However they are delicious natural fruits and they help your digestive system run smoothly, and I just enjoy the taste! I highly suggest purchasing medjool organic dates, they are my favorite, I usually get mine form Costco!


Protein bars: If I’m in a pinch and I don’t have time to make my own, which let’s be honest is often, I love protein bars/energy bars. A few of my favorites are the Vega one all in one bar in peanut butter chocolate, the elevate me bar’s in banana split, the go macro’s bar’s in peanut butter banana. All of these bars have high protein and are all vegan options, however they are full of sugar to keep them together (such as brown rice syrup) watch for any of these bars with terms like “sugar cane syrup” or “high fructose corn syrup” and avoid them! pretty much all of the energy and protein bars on the market have some sugar in them, so I always check the back for the lowest ones with the highest protein content.

Apples: When it comes to apples I don’t have a type. At all. I love them always. Ambrosia, gala, any kind. Organic always, and if I have time or am at home, it’s with organic peanut butter or almond butter, and this is my favorite snack of all time. I know this probably sounds pretty weird. Why does this girl love apples so much? I feel sick every time I eat something sweet. Sweet’s are usually packed with processed refined sugars, white bleached flours, gluten, tapioca starches, However apples are not. Yes they have natural sugars, but they don’t affect me the same way refined sugars and flours do.


Apple chips or banana chips: my mom is an angel and just makes the best apple chips in the dehydrator with cinnamon on them and that’s it. Whole foods also sells apple chips dehydrated and banana chips, but be careful none of these options have added sodium, sugar, or sweeteners as this defeats the purpose of eating a clean snack.


Grapes: Grapes are actually my all-time favorite food period. Second Year University I lived off of them almost exclusively.  Red grapes, the crunchy kind, are my everything. I could eat them all day every day. They are pricey  and difficult to find organic, but once you find them, they are heaven. For an added treat, you can freeze them and enjoy them like ice cream drops (okay well maybe just to me they taste like ice cream).


Home made date energy balls: Okay I have a small obsession. I love making date and nut or date and dried fruit combinations and enjoying them instead of protein bars as a mid day snack. My favourite ingredients to add in are of course dates, almond butter, g/f oats, Gogi berries, dairy free dark chocolate chips. Honestly you can add whatever you like just make sure there is a large amount of dates as the base and that you freeze them for at least half an hour before enjoying and you are set! I usually roll about a table spoon and a half of the mixture and take two a day for a mid day pick me up.

These are just a few of the many types of snacks I eat daily to get me through the day feeling energized and nourished.

Please share any of your snack idea’s with me and let me know if you want more detailed recipes.

Until next time,

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Food Shaming.

Food shaming. It’s everywhere, and it’s constant. It’s a form of“non-discriminate” discrimination. People food shame with NO REGARDS for the subject of their discrimination’s individual preference, ethical beliefs,  or cultural backgrounds. So why do they do it? Furthermore why do we let that little side-ways glance ruin our days?


Let me preface this by saying I am guilty of food shaming myself personally. I have shamed myself out of eating foods I wanted more than once, maybe more than one hundred times. The reason I want to write about this is because I want to explain why I think society, and even why we personally food shame.


Society has this stereotypical image of what it means to be “skinny” or have an “ideal body”. Now I realize Society is a mass generalization because each socio-cultural region has this own idea’s and beliefs; however it’s true that there’s an ideal image/body type for each region of what a persons body “should look like”. In the particular area I live, it’s skinny. I don’t mean thin or fit, I mean skinny. It’s this image of a person that people don’t realize is separated from reality in so many ways.

This preferred image that people have neglects to take into account genetics, body chemistry, dietary intolerances, ailments and illnesses, stress, accessibility to food, income, this image accounts for none of it. It just is the automatic ideal.


If we can accept, as a society that we are not all created exactly the same, and we have own unique genetic blueprints, then why is it appropriate to think everyone should way in an equal weight bracket? I digress a little, as the topic of this post is food shaming.

What I witness on a daily occurrence is people judging other people for what they put in there mouths to eat. I just don’t understand it. When you go to a restaurant you see it, people staring at the people whom as not fitting this “ideal” body images plates, scanning their faces looking for a stereotypical answer to satisfy their curiosity. Is that “too skinny” blonde girl going to get just a salad and the ice water? These individuals taking secret rejoice in being right when they see it. Is that “heavier” than the ideal, man going to order the greasiest burger? Visibly judging.


What I want to understand is why? Why does it matter to people what other people look like, or eat for that matter? Is it imperative that if they don’t fit in this ideal they should be judged? Shamed by disapproving glances? This is just discussing the passive peoples stares. There’s a whole other levels of individuals whom actually verbalize their thoughts. They will actually ask complete strangers if that’s all they want? I know because it has happened to me.

I personally suffer from Sibo, I’m lactose intolerant, I don’t eat a lot of meat(hardly any), I don’t like oils, and I tend to eat low carb. This is not to be skinny; this is because I have Sibo and Celiac disease. It doesn’t stop people from telling me I could eat more, offering me a larger serving, asking me if that’s enough.


The fact that I suffer from multiple intolerances doesn’t decrease the questions or the stares or the awkward silences when I whip out a home made date energy ball or my lunch salad. What I am trying to put out there is my perspective on this, and how I’ve begun to train myself to ignore the glances. yes, some people might judge my eating habits. Some people may think I’m on a 365-day diet. I’m not. And I know that. So if people want to think I’m starving myself that’s ok. Because I know I take in the appropriate amount if calories per my weight.  I know that I feel good after I eat and I spend 19 years not feeling well after I ate and I finally figured out the solution.


I urge you to please find things to tell yourself when you see people judging others eating habits. Remind yourself that the only person who has a right to judge what you eat is you. If others want to food shame you visually and or verbally, please ignore them. Your body is your temple, no one else’s. You may fuel yourself however often and however much with whatever you desire.




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Update: Three days of what I ate

November 2-4th edition


So I have been eating, obviously, since I have last posted. If I didn’t, well I’d have died by now (insert sarcastic laugh).

So in the idea of being efficient and providing as much information as possible: here’s a glance at what I have eaten this week thus far (it’s only Thursday morning).


Breakfast 6:30 am

1 small gala apple

1/2 tbsp. almond butter

I piece of terra bread toasted

½ avocado

2 cups of coffee with 1 tsp almond milk each

1 liter of water and vitamins

Mid day snacks: 10-1

I cup red grapes and fresh strawberries

4 small dates, a handful of cashews and a small home made pumpkin bar

Lunch 12:00

½ white rice,

1 tsp peanut sauce,

8 prawns, 1 and ½ cups steamed vegetables and hot sauce.

2:00 snack

Two home made date ball



2 cups kale salad (Kirkland) with steamed chicken on top (I needed the protein, I was really weak).

To drink: 6 liters of water


6:30: Breakfast

am 1 small gala apple

1.2 tbsp. almond butter

I piece of terra bread toasted

½ avocado

2 cups of coffee with 1 tsp almond milk each

1 liter of water and vitamins

Mid day snacks: 10-1

I cup red grapes and fresh strawberries

4 small dates, a handful of cashews and a small home made pumpkin bar

Lunch :12:00

½ white rice,

1 tsp peanut sauce,

8 prawns, 1 and ½ cups steamed vegetables and hot sauce.

2:00 snack

Two home made date ball

Dinner: 6:30 pm

Sushi; ½ of all of this

Yam/avocado roll, mangodise roll (California with mango and ebi on top), ½ order of spicy salmon sashimi and a fantastic roll (tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi in a roll with spicy salmon and crunch pieces on top)

To drink: 6 liters of water


Breakfast: 6:30 am

1 large green smoothie:

1/4 cup frozen mango

I frozen banana

2 cups spinach

½ cup almond milk

½ package Vega all in one protein

2 cups of coffee with 1 tsp almond milk each

1 liter of water and vitamins

Mid day snacks: 10-1

I cup red grapes and fresh strawberries

4 small dates, a handful of cashews and a small home made pumpkin bar

Lunch 12:00:

½ white rice,

1 tsp peanut sauce,

8 prawns, 1 and ½ cups steamed vegetables and hot sauce.

2:00 snack

Two home made date ball

Dinner: 6:00pm

1 large bowl of beef shepherds pie (my mother cooked so I ate the poor cow) with cauliflower topping

1 large bowl of Kirkland kale salad

8:00 late night snack

1 cup strawberries, 3 small dates

To drink: 6 liters of water

This week has been a bit weird for me. I haven’t worked out for two days now (Tuesday and Wednesday), when I usually work out 6 days a week, but my knee has been really bothering me, as well as my gut. This change from no/little carbs, especially white carbs, has really thrown my body for a weird loop. I feel as thought my sibo symptoms have gotten moderately worse. I am not sure if this is because of the initial addition of processed white carbohydrates or not, but I am willing to keep moving forward and seeing if this will help. I am going to try to go to the gym again tonight, wishing myself some luck ha-ha.

Update on how I was feeling this week:

One word. Terrible. I felt awful. I woke up Monday feeling not to badly, however by mid afternoon my sibo symptoms (bloated gut, feeling awful and sick) had gone from mild to full on bloated feeling like death fast. And it lasted 3 whole days. By Thursday (today) I had realized I had run out of a specific probiotic I have been taking for a few months now (Lorna Vanderhaeghe Probiotic Plus). I picked some up from whole foods on my break in a desperate hope that these probiotics will fix my newly acquired immense pain. I had two on my break and will have my regular two in the morning Friday.

Friday: I felt not terrible but not great still. Friday night was weird. I have been having knee pains and sore joints for a while but I had immense back pain and a sharp pain in my gut area. I was bloated and in pain all day but this was different. It was like this sharp stabbing kind of pain. I headed straight to bed around 9:00 pm after very unsuccessfully and pretty unintelligently trying to “run it off” at the gym. Today Saturday November 7, I feel a little better. I was able to gym. I still have to wonder if my sibo was acting up because of the lack of the probiotics, or is it the increase in white simple sugars and proteins that have my body feeling this way. I will keep you updated.


Where I am now: Day 10 of knowing


So here I am, at the very starting stages of working on fixing my sibo (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). I’m really early on having just diagnosed the issue and I am wanting to document this all in the name of science or human curiosity, and also for myself. If I can cure myself of this digestive ailment, and provide helpful notes on how to do it successfully, then If I, or others, ever suffer from a similar problem, there’s something to refer to. As someone who was recently diagnosed with this “food related illness” , I must say there isn’t a ton of self testimonials through the process. With that being said let’s start with my diet changes.

I am a self proclaimed 1/2 time vegan. What does that mean? It means if I cook for myself, It’s vegan. If I buy myself food, it’s vegan. But if I eat out, or am in a social situation, I don’t. I call myself an agreeable eater. If my friend’s mom makes seafood for dinner, I’ll eat the seafood. If my father wants to take me for Greek food and there’s an order chicken souvlaki for the table, I’ll eat it. I’m flexible, but I prefer both the health and the ethical side of a plant based diet. It just feels better for me mind and body personally. That being said, I don’t impose my dietary preferences on others nor do I refuse food from anyone. My mother taught me form a very young age, if someone wants to share food with you, you eat it and you thank them for it.

Sibo has kind of put a metaphorical stick in my bicycle spoke on this though. Eating a plant based diet has always meant to me, Raw vegetables (salads, salad’s and more salad’s) tons of fibrous and rich carbohydrates (millet, quinoa, bulgur’s, brown rice’s), nutrional yeasts and miso pastes, nuts, beans etc.  However, as a individual with Sibo, at least through the description I researched in The New IBS Solution, written by Mark Pimentel, MD, an individual with Sibo should eat things that are easily broken down and low residue. Pimentel described these foods as things such as white rice and breads, meat’s without excess salts or additives, aged lactose free cheeses, cooked vegetables, the list goes on.

In contrast, his description of high residue and poorly broken down foods are basically the exact list I described above as my preferred diet, brown complex carbs, raw vegetables, beans and grains, the list went on. Honestly this all sounds pretty awful to a raw vegetable loving, brown grain only, raw food enthusiast. I want my coffee with an order of avocado toast and a side of kale salad for lunch please. But I guess I could take a detour off my beloved raw food and brown grain diet and give this new one a try, anything to help solve these awful digestive symptoms I have lived with since I could remember. Anything.

So here’s what I have eaten today:

6:45 am breakfast

-1 piece of terra bread multigrain toast with 1/2 tbsp. almond butter, and one banana sliced on it.

-1 permission

-1 Litre ice water with lemon

-2 cups of regular caffeinated coffee with 1 tsp almond milk each

Current Vitamin Line up:

  1. Jamison vitamin D liquid capsule
  2. Lorna Vanderhaeghe MULTISmart, once at breakfast once at dinner
  3. 1 1000 mg vitamin C
  4. Lorna Vanderhaeghe Probiotics Plus

11:00 am Lunch

1/2 cup of quinoa and white rice combo, 2 and a half cups coiled broccoli, 1 tbsp. “The Naam” Miso gravy and two tbsp. of chick peas

2 “date magic balls” which are my mom’s home made dehydrated date balls with gogi berries, dates, walnuts, cashews and coconut ground up and dehydrated. They are amazing, caloric I am sure, but I’m okay with a little calories if that means I’m eating fruits and nuts (natural sources of carbohydrates).

3:00 pm Afternoon snack

1 small apple with 1/2 tbsp. natural peanut butter

1/2 Okanagan Rawsome Carrot Zucchini cracker. I cannot sing these things praises enough. They are dehydrated vegetables and spices in a convenient cracker form that just rock my socks. If you are in the market for a totally clean, amazing snack this is it. I’ll leave the website link below, they are unbelievable, and No I am not sponsored or paid to say this I really just a true fan.


Now dinner is going to be a bit trickier, its Halloween weekend and I am going to a party. For someone with  Sibo and/or other food intolerances, Social gatherings are always bitter sweet when they interfere with prime meal times. But I am a woman with a plan. My plan is to go to the mecca of all places (whole foods) and get a “salad bar salad” Hannah style. I usually toss beets, kale, apples, nuts, and vegan pakoras, whatever they have. However being in the mindset of cutting down my high residue, fibrous foods as from the list I loosely described above, I will have to cut back on the kale (a high fibrous delight) and add maybe a rice mix with my cooked veggie options. I will try to provide a photo later on, and this is probably set to be eaten around 7:00 when I arrive at the party.

Throughout this day I will probably finish 4 more liters of water and 3 more coffee’s, if we are being honest coffee is my life savior. I can’t survive without it.

UPDATE from the next day:

I chose a delicious chicken and sautéed kale salad with coconut and mango slices and strawberries with a light lemon dressing from of course whole foods. I didn’t get to eat until around 8:30 as the drive took me longer than I had expected to the party. However this was all slightly ruined by the three slices of pizza, two pieces of vegan pumpkin pie and handful of candy I devoured after. Halloween won this time and yes I fee l like TOTAL and complete crap today, not to worry though there is always today to press the reset button.

P.S. Played around with some makeup last night for a makeshift Halloween costume, I decided just to try to look “undead” because I’m pale anyways might as well capitalize am I right? It’s hardly a benefit any other day of the year..


Sibo and me

Yesterday I received the test results back from a breath test I took for an illness called SIBO a few weeks ago. In short, I went to the naturopath and described to him my physical health conditions, and he recommended I take a Hydrogen/Methane Breath test to test for SIBO. The results came back and I tested positive. by a large margin.Ouch.

My health journey

So in a nutshell I have suffered from a variety of uncomfortable symptoms my entire life. Since I was as young as I can remember I felt sick after eating. Not a little sick, but like lay on the floor clutching my stomach sick. I hated eating. It made me feel awful. I favored microwave dinners (Michelinas in particular) to any real food and would basically protest to eating a meal with my family. I never really knew why and hadn’t bothered to wonder, as I had figured I had survived with it up until this point, it probably wasn’t going to kill me, I just knew when I ate I was in pain. When I really began to notice the severity of my symptoms was when I moved into dorms my second year at university (yea it took me a long time). All of the sudden the fridge wasn’t stocked with home made prepared foods (my mother is Italian and cooks for a football team). I had to cook for myself. So in classic college student fashion I enjoyed hot dog wieners, ramen noodles, canned soup and tuna, whatever was cheap, filling and on sale. God did I get gain weight and feel sick. I gained like 11 lbs. fast (I know that isn’t a lot but I’m not that large of a person so it felt like a lot) and just couldn’t find the energy to get up and go to class, or even move (although I did, but very sluggishly).

Okay so being a science major I made a plan with myself, try eating a raw diet and exercising a lot and let’s see how this sits with your body. So that’s what I did, it was salads, lentils, beans, cooked foods; the good stuff. And it was the gym, every single day. I lost so much weight people began to wonder if I had an eating disorder. I looked sickly. However, throughout all of these food transitions, I still had the same feeling in my stomach I did as a kid. This nasty bloated gut feeling every time I ate, approx. an hour or two after. Why? What could I do? By the time third year university rolled around I began complaining about this to my father, whom luckily for me has been a “health fanatic”, my whole life. He was seeing multiple doctors but one in particular, a naturopath, he referred me to. Essentially my father had already pre-diagnosed me with what I have now been properly diagnosed with because he had done some research on the subject himself out of interest. The naturopath helped my father give me this sibo test and I tested positive.

SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth and is described as an increase in the number and/or change in the type of bacteria in the upper gastrointestinal tract (Bures. J et al. 2010). So why is this a problem you ask? Well from my readings, specifically in a book called The New IBS Solution, written by Mark Pimentel, MD, Pimentel describes these “gut buddies” as the gut bacteria that live on the floor of your gut in the large intestine, past the ileocecal valve (Pimentel, M., 2006). When these “gut buddies” eat, they produce gas, and in this case gas that’s mainly composed of hydrogen and methane. Millions of these gut buddies live in all of us, typically in our large intestines. However, in some unlucky individuals, myself included, due to some sort of previous damage/illness, these gut buddies move upwards towards the small intestine. This number is now increased, and the “gut buddies” aren’t in the right place, instead they are in your upper gut, causing you all sorts of pain. Hydrogen and methane being released in the wrong place means bloating, pain, and general major discomfort.

Pimentel describes the test as looking for the prevalence of both hydrogen and methane, which are exclusively produced by intestinal bacteria in the large bowel in healthy people or in the small intestine in the case of SIBO. These hydrogen and methane breath tests are performed after the patient (Me in this case) drinks a sample of lactulose syrup (yes it tastes awful). The patient then breathes into a sterile tube every twenty minutes for three hours, and each sample is sent off to a lab for analysis. This is done on an empty stomach. Twenty percent of hydrogen and methane is exhaled by the lungs and can be measured through the breath, which is what the test detects.

Testing positive versus negative

Typically, a healthy person will not show an increase in bacterial levels rising during the duration of the test (approximately three hours), hence you wouldn’t see a large increase in hydrogen or methane in the breath test analysis (approx. 15 parts per million of these little bacterial buddies). However, in an individual with SIBO, you would see twenty or more parts per million of these two gases, showing that the syrupy solution hit the small intestine before it reached the colon (p.50).

So what does this all mean? Let me just give a small list of the symptoms of SIBO:

– Bloating,


-Weight loss and malnutrition.

All of those sound fantastic, don’t they? Well to be completely frank, I have lived with these symptoms my entire life and really wouldn’t have tried to even look into any of this without this additional information coming to my attention. Recently, research has been discovered on how our “gut buddies” interact with the brain and control our mental capacities, particularly when these “gut buddies” are stressed/out of whack. There is a relationship between the two entitled the gut brain axis’s (GBA). The GBA consists of a two-way communication system between the central and enteric nervous system, linking emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions (Carabotti, M., et al. 2015). More interesting (at least to me and my focus) is the gut’s relationship with the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis: HPA-core stress efferent axis that coordinates the adaptive responses of the organisms to stressors of any kind. It’s part of the limbic system, a crucial zone of the brain involved in memory and emotional response.

Do you start to see a correlation here? These Axis’ have a direct correlation between emotional response and memory retention as well as a relationship with these “gut buddies” and if my gut buddies are all out of whack and by a long shot, how could this affect my emotional and cognitive centers? So why do I care? Recent research says that Environmental stress; as well as elevated systemic pro-inflammatory cytokines (caused by sibo) is thought to trigger a release of these gut buddies (Microbiota). These microbiota are what controls the relationships between these axis’ and our emotional and cognitive centers. Why I care is I want to research how to combat these microbiota and prevent any control they may have on my long-term memory retention and emotional centers, and further find more research on the subject, making this a much thoroughly researched field.


What now 

I know this sounds like a whole lot of information but not much evidence, and to be honest, the research I have been looking at has quite a small amount of animal-tested evidence available. But again, it’s really quite new and the research isn’t quite there yet. However, I decided to make this whole experiment with myself. I want to research how I feel after taking the medication to lower the gut buddies population, changing my diet and working with my naturopath to combat SIBO. My hopes are that maybe if anyone else feels they are having similar issues, they can leave a comment, and we can learn together and potentially shed light onto a subject still shrouded in mystery.



  1. Carabotti, Marilia et al. “The Gut-Brain Axis: Interactions between Enteric Microbiota, Central and Enteric Nervous Systems.” Annals of Gastroenterology : Quarterly Publication of the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology 28.2 (2015): 203–209. Print.
  2.   Pimentel, MD, M. (2006). A NEW IBS SOLOUTION. Sherman Oaks, California: Health Point Press.

What I eat in a day: Realistically.


 Realistically, I don’t eat the same thing everyday, because that’s pretty plain and honestly hard to accomplish. How could I control what I eat every single day when every single day I could be doing different things in different places?

But recently I’ve had a few days off work and have had the opportunity to eat all my meals at home, the reason I am sharing this with the internet (really why do people care what I eat) Is because I want to show what a typical day of food looks like for a real person who is just trying to eat normally. I’m not a vegan (although I often follow a vegan meal plan) I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not a meat-a-terrain, I have literally no dietary structure except that I don’t eat lactose. I’m lactose intolerant. This is just what I feel like eating on a given day, for me.

Meal One



Baked apple pie and green smoothie


Today I had the day off so I rolled out of bed officially around 7:30 (this is extremely late for me)

I always late the day with 600 ml of cold ice water with lemon. Always.

Next I have a cup of coffee with almond milk (this time I had almond date milk from the farmers market, just a teaspoon of it goes along way)

Recently I have been obsessed with terra breads multigrain toast, it’s just the perfect amount of crunch in the morning with something sweet, like almond butter or banana, or savory like half an avocado, but this morning I opted for a slice of this toast with ½ tbsp. almond butter and half a baked apple (baked in 1.4 tsp coconut oil and cinnamon, I had this leftover from the night before).

Honestly nothing very exciting. However I was feeling pretty awful, so I decided to add in a green smoothie, I used a recipe from a book I got recently Vegan Everyday: 500 declious recipes by mark mcnish, but slightly adapted it to my liking

I used approximately 2 cups of kale, ¼ mango, .5 scoop protein powder (vega vanilla), a frozen banana, and 1 cup almond milk and blended away.

Then I actually still didn’t feel truly fixed up, I was feeling awful and really just wanted to feel like I was taking a step towards feeling better, so I used the same recipe book to make a juice.

It had 3 inches of ginger, ½ a lemon with the skin on processed through a juicer, 1 cup boiling water and 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

Meal two:



Veggie patty and kale salad

I had a mix of that Kirkland salad you can get from Costco (the large bag with the mixed sprouts and things)

And a veggie burger patty from the brand Gardien. I really like doing this, having a patty of some sort that’s clean (not a lot of ingredients) with a salad for lunch. It’s both filling and satisfying. I also threw in some roasted broccoli because it’s delicious and every chance I get I baked it with a bit of coconut oil and cracked black pepper.

Meal three:


Spaghetti Squash and roasted brocolli


My dinner was kind of late and not really desired tonight, which is honestly really weird for me because I live to eat. I know hoe ridiculous that statement sounds but it’s the god honest truth I do live to eat ha-ha.

I had about three cups of steamed broccoli, 1.5 cups of baked spaghetti squash and ¼ cup of simply organics tomato basil tomato sauce. It wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t all that good but it filled me up. Especially post gym. I needed to eat

Okay so my favorite part of my day for eating is.




Magic Date Ball

My mother created this little treat ball, there’s dates, coconut, sunflower seeds, organic honey, gogi berries, and you name it. I call them kitchen sick protein balls and I am in love. I eat about two of these a day (they are extremely sugary so no more than that) But I just cant stop. They are amazing. Mom rocks.

Then I usually mid afternoon have a permission, and apple with natural peanut butter, celery, and a handful of almonds, honestly I do snack a lot and I don’t deprive myself at all. If I want it I have it.

Weekly MVP:


The Nam’s miso gravy


I picked this bad boy up at whole foods because a friend told me they sell them there and I HAD to get my hands on this. It’s just everything. It has few ingredients and all the right ones, and it just fills you with a warm miso flavor that makes any vegetable baked or stirs fried taste like the best thing. I highly suggest it.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time,