Where I am now: Day 10 of knowing


So here I am, at the very starting stages of working on fixing my sibo (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). I’m really early on having just diagnosed the issue and I am wanting to document this all in the name of science or human curiosity, and also for myself. If I can cure myself of this digestive ailment, and provide helpful notes on how to do it successfully, then If I, or others, ever suffer from a similar problem, there’s something to refer to. As someone who was recently diagnosed with this “food related illness” , I must say there isn’t a ton of self testimonials through the process. With that being said let’s start with my diet changes.

I am a self proclaimed 1/2 time vegan. What does that mean? It means if I cook for myself, It’s vegan. If I buy myself food, it’s vegan. But if I eat out, or am in a social situation, I don’t. I call myself an agreeable eater. If my friend’s mom makes seafood for dinner, I’ll eat the seafood. If my father wants to take me for Greek food and there’s an order chicken souvlaki for the table, I’ll eat it. I’m flexible, but I prefer both the health and the ethical side of a plant based diet. It just feels better for me mind and body personally. That being said, I don’t impose my dietary preferences on others nor do I refuse food from anyone. My mother taught me form a very young age, if someone wants to share food with you, you eat it and you thank them for it.

Sibo has kind of put a metaphorical stick in my bicycle spoke on this though. Eating a plant based diet has always meant to me, Raw vegetables (salads, salad’s and more salad’s) tons of fibrous and rich carbohydrates (millet, quinoa, bulgur’s, brown rice’s), nutrional yeasts and miso pastes, nuts, beans etc.  However, as a individual with Sibo, at least through the description I researched in The New IBS Solution, written by Mark Pimentel, MD, an individual with Sibo should eat things that are easily broken down and low residue. Pimentel described these foods as things such as white rice and breads, meat’s without excess salts or additives, aged lactose free cheeses, cooked vegetables, the list goes on.

In contrast, his description of high residue and poorly broken down foods are basically the exact list I described above as my preferred diet, brown complex carbs, raw vegetables, beans and grains, the list went on. Honestly this all sounds pretty awful to a raw vegetable loving, brown grain only, raw food enthusiast. I want my coffee with an order of avocado toast and a side of kale salad for lunch please. But I guess I could take a detour off my beloved raw food and brown grain diet and give this new one a try, anything to help solve these awful digestive symptoms I have lived with since I could remember. Anything.

So here’s what I have eaten today:

6:45 am breakfast

-1 piece of terra bread multigrain toast with 1/2 tbsp. almond butter, and one banana sliced on it.

-1 permission

-1 Litre ice water with lemon

-2 cups of regular caffeinated coffee with 1 tsp almond milk each

Current Vitamin Line up:

  1. Jamison vitamin D liquid capsule
  2. Lorna Vanderhaeghe MULTISmart, once at breakfast once at dinner
  3. 1 1000 mg vitamin C
  4. Lorna Vanderhaeghe Probiotics Plus

11:00 am Lunch

1/2 cup of quinoa and white rice combo, 2 and a half cups coiled broccoli, 1 tbsp. “The Naam” Miso gravy and two tbsp. of chick peas

2 “date magic balls” which are my mom’s home made dehydrated date balls with gogi berries, dates, walnuts, cashews and coconut ground up and dehydrated. They are amazing, caloric I am sure, but I’m okay with a little calories if that means I’m eating fruits and nuts (natural sources of carbohydrates).

3:00 pm Afternoon snack

1 small apple with 1/2 tbsp. natural peanut butter

1/2 Okanagan Rawsome Carrot Zucchini cracker. I cannot sing these things praises enough. They are dehydrated vegetables and spices in a convenient cracker form that just rock my socks. If you are in the market for a totally clean, amazing snack this is it. I’ll leave the website link below, they are unbelievable, and No I am not sponsored or paid to say this I really just a true fan.


Now dinner is going to be a bit trickier, its Halloween weekend and I am going to a party. For someone with  Sibo and/or other food intolerances, Social gatherings are always bitter sweet when they interfere with prime meal times. But I am a woman with a plan. My plan is to go to the mecca of all places (whole foods) and get a “salad bar salad” Hannah style. I usually toss beets, kale, apples, nuts, and vegan pakoras, whatever they have. However being in the mindset of cutting down my high residue, fibrous foods as from the list I loosely described above, I will have to cut back on the kale (a high fibrous delight) and add maybe a rice mix with my cooked veggie options. I will try to provide a photo later on, and this is probably set to be eaten around 7:00 when I arrive at the party.

Throughout this day I will probably finish 4 more liters of water and 3 more coffee’s, if we are being honest coffee is my life savior. I can’t survive without it.

UPDATE from the next day:

I chose a delicious chicken and sautéed kale salad with coconut and mango slices and strawberries with a light lemon dressing from of course whole foods. I didn’t get to eat until around 8:30 as the drive took me longer than I had expected to the party. However this was all slightly ruined by the three slices of pizza, two pieces of vegan pumpkin pie and handful of candy I devoured after. Halloween won this time and yes I fee l like TOTAL and complete crap today, not to worry though there is always today to press the reset button.

P.S. Played around with some makeup last night for a makeshift Halloween costume, I decided just to try to look “undead” because I’m pale anyways might as well capitalize am I right? It’s hardly a benefit any other day of the year..



Author: yngrestlessblog

These are always a bit cheesy, so I may as well just go with it. My name is Hannah, Im twenty three years old and my passion is health and nutrition. I have struggled with my health my whole life, and have been recently diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) as well as Celiacs disease, and also recently discovered I was lactose intolerant. I am building this online blog to document my journey through better health focusing on a plant based diet. I also am a student in my third year of my BSc. and a person trying to find her way in life, and have a lot of various interest's from science to fashion to recipes to exercise, and really just wanted to build an online community where I could share my passions and health journey. Hopefully some of what I am working towards can help clear up some of your health questions or concerns, and we can talk about it in an open, judgement free place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. -Hannah

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