Food Shaming.

Food shaming. It’s everywhere, and it’s constant. It’s a form of“non-discriminate” discrimination. People food shame with NO REGARDS for the subject of their discrimination’s individual preference, ethical beliefs,  or cultural backgrounds. So why do they do it? Furthermore why do we let that little side-ways glance ruin our days?


Let me preface this by saying I am guilty of food shaming myself personally. I have shamed myself out of eating foods I wanted more than once, maybe more than one hundred times. The reason I want to write about this is because I want to explain why I think society, and even why we personally food shame.


Society has this stereotypical image of what it means to be “skinny” or have an “ideal body”. Now I realize Society is a mass generalization because each socio-cultural region has this own idea’s and beliefs; however it’s true that there’s an ideal image/body type for each region of what a persons body “should look like”. In the particular area I live, it’s skinny. I don’t mean thin or fit, I mean skinny. It’s this image of a person that people don’t realize is separated from reality in so many ways.

This preferred image that people have neglects to take into account genetics, body chemistry, dietary intolerances, ailments and illnesses, stress, accessibility to food, income, this image accounts for none of it. It just is the automatic ideal.


If we can accept, as a society that we are not all created exactly the same, and we have own unique genetic blueprints, then why is it appropriate to think everyone should way in an equal weight bracket? I digress a little, as the topic of this post is food shaming.

What I witness on a daily occurrence is people judging other people for what they put in there mouths to eat. I just don’t understand it. When you go to a restaurant you see it, people staring at the people whom as not fitting this “ideal” body images plates, scanning their faces looking for a stereotypical answer to satisfy their curiosity. Is that “too skinny” blonde girl going to get just a salad and the ice water? These individuals taking secret rejoice in being right when they see it. Is that “heavier” than the ideal, man going to order the greasiest burger? Visibly judging.


What I want to understand is why? Why does it matter to people what other people look like, or eat for that matter? Is it imperative that if they don’t fit in this ideal they should be judged? Shamed by disapproving glances? This is just discussing the passive peoples stares. There’s a whole other levels of individuals whom actually verbalize their thoughts. They will actually ask complete strangers if that’s all they want? I know because it has happened to me.

I personally suffer from Sibo, I’m lactose intolerant, I don’t eat a lot of meat(hardly any), I don’t like oils, and I tend to eat low carb. This is not to be skinny; this is because I have Sibo and Celiac disease. It doesn’t stop people from telling me I could eat more, offering me a larger serving, asking me if that’s enough.


The fact that I suffer from multiple intolerances doesn’t decrease the questions or the stares or the awkward silences when I whip out a home made date energy ball or my lunch salad. What I am trying to put out there is my perspective on this, and how I’ve begun to train myself to ignore the glances. yes, some people might judge my eating habits. Some people may think I’m on a 365-day diet. I’m not. And I know that. So if people want to think I’m starving myself that’s ok. Because I know I take in the appropriate amount if calories per my weight.  I know that I feel good after I eat and I spend 19 years not feeling well after I ate and I finally figured out the solution.


I urge you to please find things to tell yourself when you see people judging others eating habits. Remind yourself that the only person who has a right to judge what you eat is you. If others want to food shame you visually and or verbally, please ignore them. Your body is your temple, no one else’s. You may fuel yourself however often and however much with whatever you desire.




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Author: yngrestlessblog

These are always a bit cheesy, so I may as well just go with it. My name is Hannah, Im twenty three years old and my passion is health and nutrition. I have struggled with my health my whole life, and have been recently diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) as well as Celiacs disease, and also recently discovered I was lactose intolerant. I am building this online blog to document my journey through better health focusing on a plant based diet. I also am a student in my third year of my BSc. and a person trying to find her way in life, and have a lot of various interest's from science to fashion to recipes to exercise, and really just wanted to build an online community where I could share my passions and health journey. Hopefully some of what I am working towards can help clear up some of your health questions or concerns, and we can talk about it in an open, judgement free place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. -Hannah

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