Snacking: friend or enemy?

Snacking, the enemy or the friend?

It’s hard to say really, because yes snacking in inherently done between meals, and often distractedly. I don’t know though I’ve always been a snacker of sorts. The idea of just hunkering down every few hours and eating seems I don’t know…methodical to me. Robot like. I want to eat for the joy of eating.


I know there’s a lot of research totally disagreeing with this perspective, showing how snacking can consistently add unwanted pounds and cause over consumption without realizing it, However, in my current health position I feel it necessary to snack. Often.


In the spirit of both truthfully tracking my eating habits with Sibo and Celiac’s disease, I’m going to list the items I snack on daily. Sometimes I snack a little. Sometimes a lot, honestly it depends on my break schedule, the size of my breakfast, or just my energy levels:

Cashews: all day long. This is by far my favorite nut, and I know they are pricey (especially the organic kind which I tend to buy). I love these nuts, they are so good for you, packed with magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, I could go on! And they are just flat out tasty and pretty low GI. I tend to eat no more than a handful because they are pretty high in fat, but they are also a good kind of fat with Omega 3 fatty acids so I can’t feel too bad right?

Dates: basically heaven. I eat only about 3-4 a day because again these little suckers are packed with carbohydrates. Hence weight gain. However they are delicious natural fruits and they help your digestive system run smoothly, and I just enjoy the taste! I highly suggest purchasing medjool organic dates, they are my favorite, I usually get mine form Costco!


Protein bars: If I’m in a pinch and I don’t have time to make my own, which let’s be honest is often, I love protein bars/energy bars. A few of my favorites are the Vega one all in one bar in peanut butter chocolate, the elevate me bar’s in banana split, the go macro’s bar’s in peanut butter banana. All of these bars have high protein and are all vegan options, however they are full of sugar to keep them together (such as brown rice syrup) watch for any of these bars with terms like “sugar cane syrup” or “high fructose corn syrup” and avoid them! pretty much all of the energy and protein bars on the market have some sugar in them, so I always check the back for the lowest ones with the highest protein content.

Apples: When it comes to apples I don’t have a type. At all. I love them always. Ambrosia, gala, any kind. Organic always, and if I have time or am at home, it’s with organic peanut butter or almond butter, and this is my favorite snack of all time. I know this probably sounds pretty weird. Why does this girl love apples so much? I feel sick every time I eat something sweet. Sweet’s are usually packed with processed refined sugars, white bleached flours, gluten, tapioca starches, However apples are not. Yes they have natural sugars, but they don’t affect me the same way refined sugars and flours do.


Apple chips or banana chips: my mom is an angel and just makes the best apple chips in the dehydrator with cinnamon on them and that’s it. Whole foods also sells apple chips dehydrated and banana chips, but be careful none of these options have added sodium, sugar, or sweeteners as this defeats the purpose of eating a clean snack.


Grapes: Grapes are actually my all-time favorite food period. Second Year University I lived off of them almost exclusively.  Red grapes, the crunchy kind, are my everything. I could eat them all day every day. They are pricey  and difficult to find organic, but once you find them, they are heaven. For an added treat, you can freeze them and enjoy them like ice cream drops (okay well maybe just to me they taste like ice cream).


Home made date energy balls: Okay I have a small obsession. I love making date and nut or date and dried fruit combinations and enjoying them instead of protein bars as a mid day snack. My favourite ingredients to add in are of course dates, almond butter, g/f oats, Gogi berries, dairy free dark chocolate chips. Honestly you can add whatever you like just make sure there is a large amount of dates as the base and that you freeze them for at least half an hour before enjoying and you are set! I usually roll about a table spoon and a half of the mixture and take two a day for a mid day pick me up.

These are just a few of the many types of snacks I eat daily to get me through the day feeling energized and nourished.

Please share any of your snack idea’s with me and let me know if you want more detailed recipes.

Until next time,

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Author: yngrestlessblog

These are always a bit cheesy, so I may as well just go with it. My name is Hannah, Im twenty three years old and my passion is health and nutrition. I have struggled with my health my whole life, and have been recently diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) as well as Celiacs disease, and also recently discovered I was lactose intolerant. I am building this online blog to document my journey through better health focusing on a plant based diet. I also am a student in my third year of my BSc. and a person trying to find her way in life, and have a lot of various interest's from science to fashion to recipes to exercise, and really just wanted to build an online community where I could share my passions and health journey. Hopefully some of what I am working towards can help clear up some of your health questions or concerns, and we can talk about it in an open, judgement free place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. -Hannah

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