Dining out at Restaurant


Vegan/Sibo edition

So I must admit I don’t cook every evening, nor do I even know anyone that does. It’s time consuming, and it has to be done at home, which is a place I hardly ever am. I spend most of my time at work, school, or various other places and find myself needing to eat out every once in a while, usually just for dinner.

So where do I eat? What can I eat with so many intolerances?

1. Sushi. I eat sushi twice a week for dinner. I have been eating it since I was small, and although it isn’t vegan (there are often fish in some of the rolls) I never feel sick after eating it. I tend to get spicy salmon sashimi, Alaska rolls ( raw salmon with avocado and a salad dressing topping) California rolls, yam rolls, honestly I’m pretty wide open as long as it has minimal to no sauces with mayonnaise added, which a lot of the good ones do (like this one in the image). I just can’t get enough of sushi and I never get sick from it. It’s my go to. If you live in the Vancouver area, Sushi California is by far my favorite place, they have one in Burnaby, and Mount Pleasant area.

2. Vegan Restaurants. I am lucky, Vancouver is a fairly enlightened modern city and there ae a fair share of these kind of choices around. I love the NAAM in Kitsalano and Meet on Main. The dragon bowls at Meet and the rice bowls at the NAAM will just blow your socks off. They are chalk full of delicious veggies, tofu’s and the best? Vegan gravy’s. Miso gravy from the NAAM can be bought at whole foods and save on foods, and it is heaven on earth. Meet on main has a cashew gravy that I swear is better than the regular kind you get at thanksgiving.

3. Greek food. This isn’t easy for me to do but I do eat it out sometimes. I am of Greek heritage and can’t help but love it. I often order a prawn souvlaki with no rice, one potato and extra salad hold the cheese. This is a delicious alternative and the lack of gluten and sauces makes this meal doable. Not often though.

4. Brown’s Social House. There is a dish called the Tahitian Tuna spa bowl, which is a delicious salad with dates, nuts and corn, pickled beets and goats cheese and ahi seared tuna. I order this dish my all the sauces on the side as they come with wasabi mayonnaise and salad dressing, and just eat them basically plain. It’s honestly one of my all time favorite eats ever.


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Author: yngrestlessblog

These are always a bit cheesy, so I may as well just go with it. My name is Hannah, Im twenty three years old and my passion is health and nutrition. I have struggled with my health my whole life, and have been recently diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) as well as Celiacs disease, and also recently discovered I was lactose intolerant. I am building this online blog to document my journey through better health focusing on a plant based diet. I also am a student in my third year of my BSc. and a person trying to find her way in life, and have a lot of various interest's from science to fashion to recipes to exercise, and really just wanted to build an online community where I could share my passions and health journey. Hopefully some of what I am working towards can help clear up some of your health questions or concerns, and we can talk about it in an open, judgement free place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to hearing from you. -Hannah

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