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Yesterday I received the test results back from a breath test I took for an illness called SIBO a few weeks ago. In short, I went to the naturopath and described to him my physical health condition…

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Green Juice: Is it worth the hype?

Ok, so I know Green juices are the new thing. Especially where I live in Vancouver British Columbia. Vancouverites are known for being “health obsessed” to put it lightly and are often caught with a green juice in one hand and a water bottle in the other. Juices in general are described as nutrient dense elixirs that we can drink to increase our daily vitamin intake, decrease inflammation is some cases, aid in digestion and revitalize us after a long busy day or week.

Juicing cleanses and diets have actually been around for centuries, However the millennia’s have taken health awareness to a new level. Everything now has kale in it, including select items from McDonalds of all places. So the question is: Are these juices worth the hype or the money?

The average cold pressed juice varies in price and size. As an example here are a few vancouver juice places that I frequent price ranges:


Glory Juice Company: 473 ml bottle will run you 10.95, my fave is the number 3.

Anchor Eatery: 16 ounces (473 ml) will run you 6.99, my fave is green machine.

Buddah-ful Café:  16 ounces (473 ml) will run you 10.00 even, my fave is Ganesha’s Green’s.


I have tried a lot of other juices but these three in specific I have repurchased over 5 times each so I can go ahead and say they are good. Keep in mind that  there are vast price differences for the same claim to fame. Also keep in mind the first place is walking distance from my work and the other two are on the north shore. This is about half an hour from my place but really close to my friends place. Long story short I obviously would chose the cheaper one more often if it were nearer by.

Back to the party line here, are they worth the hype? Well the question is really up for debate, let’s do a benefits/cons list.


Placebo: It makes me feel good. When I drink a green juice I feel like I am helping myself, doing something nice to my body and that is something I don’t take lightly.

Nutrients: If you actually get a green juice, the like #1 at Glory that is mainly vegetable base, you are drinking vitamins. You are drinking the calcium  and the iron from the spinach if you get a spinach based juice and this is good for you.


The price tag: okay let’s be real, who has 10.95 to spare ? I know I don’t. 6.99 okay maybe sometimes, but the average place is approximately 10.00 a juice and I mean that’s a lot more than I have to spare.

Fiber: Ok so yes juice is delicious and nutrient dense, However when you Juice the fruit and vegetables you are actually extracting all of the fiber. Fiber is actually an essential part of a balanced diet and can be extremely beneficial in digestion. I find if you are needing a meal in-between snack to hold you over, I highly suggest a green smoothie instead. A lot of these places I listed also sell smoothies and yes they are pricier but they are also packed with more fruits and vegetables as well as things like nut butters which help for your daily protein intake.

Take away message: Although they taste amazing and can really provide a perspective make over green juices are kind of pricey and not a daily affordable supplement.


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Goal Plan for August

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I’m back at it this week with goal setting, specifically dietary goal setting.

Interestingly enough, July is normally a very good month for me in terms of eating clean. I normally find I eat extremely clean this month for a few reasons. I live in Canada and summer is our produce/berry season.

I normally unintentionally eat fully raw vegan this entire month. Secondly, the heat tends to make me want to eat cold, fresh salads in favor of hot and warming meals that are more carb based. However, this year has been different. I have been trying to be a bit more of a social person as I have natural tendencies to be a bit of an introvert.

I prefer to eat at home alone and that makes it easy for me to follow a very precise eating plan.

This fell by the wayside recently when I began eating out more socially and I am paying the ultimate price. Gut inflammation, acne, and general weight gain. So needless to say I feel I need a bit of a body intervention. A summer cleanse to start my next semester off on the right track.

So I am going to make my own challenge: Vegan June: Low carb, low sodium.

What will this look like?

I will only eat out one meal a week and this meal can have meat in it but no dairy.

6 days a week I will prepare all of my meals at home using plant based salads and trying new recipes.

I will drink only two cups of coffee max a day.

I will drink 4-5 Liters of water a day.

I will always eat my vitamins every single day.

This is of course a guide line. I am not a believer in self punishing. I am a believer in goals though and this is my goal. Please join me or comment if you have any really good cleanse or food suggestions! I’d love to hear about your personal eating goals.

If there are any people out there that want me to document this either video wise or on this blog please let me know!

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